Marriage Proposal Rule #2: KNOW HER RING SIZE

If you’re thinking about proposing to your girlfriend, there might be a million questions running through your head. Some answers might come easily, but as all logistics start to come together, you might be wondering: how do I find out my girlfriend’s ring size? Determining the ring size for your girlfriend can seem like a … Continue reading Marriage Proposal Rule #2: KNOW HER RING SIZE

Top 5 TV Marriage Proposals

Typically when our favorite television characters get engaged, it's almost as exciting as if one of our best friends were the ones walking down the aisle. What makes these proposals so much more memorable than proposals in movies is that the development of each and every character and their arcs allows the audience to invest … Continue reading Top 5 TV Marriage Proposals

Recommended Relationship Books

This past year I've read some really great books about relationships at different stage and how you go from dating someone to proposing to ultimately marrying them. Relationships as a whole are never easy but these books help highlight what you need to know to build the best relationships possible. Below are my 5 favorite … Continue reading Recommended Relationship Books