Pixar Short: Paperman

I’m a huge fan of everything Pixar, especially their shorts that play before their movies. One of my all time favorites is Paperman, a simple, sweet story about a man’s journey to find a beautiful woman he briefly runs into at the train station.

For those of you who feel that love is impossible to obtain, this short begs to differ. If you love something or someone, don’t give up trying to capture it! Fight for it and fight for them.


Snapchat Secrecy


We get it. You’re nervous, you want to make sure everything is perfect, and you definitely don’t want the secret that you’re planning a proposal to get out. All it takes is one accidental text to the wrong person and next thing you know, your soon-to-be fiance already knows your plan. That’s where snapchat comes up.

The beauty of snapchat is that messages and images disappear instantly! When I was planning my proposal, I only communicated to my now fiance’s friends, who were helping me, via snapchat so that there would be no evidence of planning. It also worked out great because I could take pictures and send it to her friends for their thoughts without worrying if my girlfriend would see the text or image somehow.

If you’re worried that your significant other may find out that you’re up to something, feel free to send us a message via Snapchat if that’s how you’d like to communicate. Seriously! It’s a great tool for these types of situations and we’re always on it.

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Where to hide the ring?

Here’s a scenario for you: you’ve purchased the perfect ring, found the perfect location, hired the perfect photographer to capture the big moment, and planned everything to a tee. The only question left is: where should I hide the ring?

There’s really no one right answer to this question since every person and situation is different, but I’ll be writing a series of posts about different places to hide the ring and some pros and cons for each option. Why is this so important? Because your future fiance will be looking for the ring! I don’t know how but women can sense an engagement (or at least they think they can). They’ll look through your socks, in your backpack, in cupboards… it doesn’t matter. Once they feel that they’re close to being proposed to, there’s no stopping their search for that ring. For this option, we’ll be looking at the most basic and common option, the box it comes in.

BOX1When you purchase an engagement ring, the jeweler will most likely give you a box to keep the ring in. This keeps the ring secure while you carefully transport it to a secret location only to be brought out at the last minute before you proceed to pop the question. I know for myself, as soon as I got the ring, I felt like I was one of those body guards who had handcuffs attached to a briefcase filled with $10 million dollars so that nothing would happen to it. Guys, if you feel this way too, it’s totally fine! It just means that you care. 

Whether you’re popping the question on a beach or in your own home, you’re going to have to carry the ring with you somewhere. Should you keep it in your pocket? Should you hide it somewhere for her to find? If you do keep the ring in the box, here are some pros and cons for you to consider.


  • Cheap: the ring comes with the box
  • Secure: these boxes are pretty damn sturdy
  • Traditional: opening up the box to reveal the ring is a very standard move


  • Bulky: it could very VERY obvious that there’s a box with a ring in your pocket
  • Obvious: she’ll be looking for this box

With all that said, there are different types of boxes you can purchase that aren’t your typical box. The prices for these vary, but some could be worth a few extra bucks. The box on the left is extremely slim, which allows you to hide it in your pocket without it being obvious. The ring also turns as you open it up, allowing you to pop the question in style. The box on the left is more customized with her initials (or anything of your choosing) and the secret compartment adds a touch of mystery to the proposal. She’ll definitely want to keep this box by her side!

No matter which box you end up using, whether it’s the one that originally came with the ring or one of the two options above, the important fact is that you bought the ring. Even if she sees the box in your pocket as you’re walking to your proposal destination, that’s okay. The moment will be perfect regardless because it involves the love of your life. So just go for it, take that box, open it up, and pop the question!