We get it. You’re nervous, you want to make sure everything is perfect, and you definitely don’t want the secret that you’re planning a proposal to get out. All it takes is one accidental text to the wrong person and next thing you know, your soon-to-be fiance already knows your plan. That’s where snapchat comes up.

The beauty of snapchat is that messages and images disappear instantly! When I was planning my proposal, I only communicated to my now fiance’s friends, who were helping me, via snapchat so that there would be no evidence of planning. It also worked out great because I could take pictures and send it to her friends for their thoughts without worrying if my girlfriend would see the text or image somehow.

If you’re worried that your significant other may find out that you’re up to something, feel free to send us a message via Snapchat if that’s how you’d like to communicate. Seriously! It’s a great tool for these types of situations and we’re always on it.

Snapchat: broposalplanner


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